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How Amber Collars Work


Repels Ticks & Fleas in 2 ways 


1. Aromatic Repellent

The friction caused between the collar and the fur of the animal cause the terpenes to effevesce, producing a resinous aroma, which absorbs into the coat of the animal. Parasites are naturally repelled when their "haller organ" (sensory organ), detects the resinous aroma as a threat. The static electricity effect was discovered by Ancient Greeks. Amber in Greek means "Electron."


2. Electrostatic Repellent

Friction between the collar and fur generates static electricity. Parasites that come in contact with the electrically charged fur, recieve a shock and fall off. Whilst collars can be worn in the ocean, "electrostatic charge" will not be produced when fur is wet. Baltic Amber has been used in Europe as a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and general curative for centuries. Our collars have been reported to ease discomforts such as skin conditions, arthritis, anxiety, bad breath and inflammation. 


Certified by the Lithuanian Amber Craftsman Guild. Your Baltic Amber is from Lithuania, home to some of the finest Amber in the world.

Baltic Amber Pet Collars:

Repel Ticks, Fleas & Mites

Are Long Lasting & Chemical Free 

Worn to calm anxious animals

Aid in Pain Relief & Skin Conditions

 Safe - Natural - Non toxic

The Amber Therapy Pet Range uses the highest quality materials. Genuine Raw Baltic Amber, metal chain and clasps, & a water abrasion resistant 40-60lb strength line.


What is Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber is a fossilised tree resin. Terpenes are the major components of resin & are scientifically known as an aromatic hydrocabon secretion.

Containing between 3% - 8% of Succinic acid, heat is said to

rebase small amounts of natural succinate which works through 

the coat of the animal, absorbing through the skin & into the bloodstream, acting as a natural anti inflammatory. 

Extra Large Dog Toffee Amber Collar

  • Care, Instructions & Warnings:

    Contains small parts. Supervise children & animals. Do not use the collar as a restraint. It will break under force for safety. Remove during rough play. We cannot take responsibility for broken collars in these cases. Produces maximum repelling properties in 2 weeks. For maximum results, only remove for bath & rough play time. Clean with clear water - no soap. Note: Do not be alarmed if a few Amber beads break off over time. Rest assured the collar will still be effective. Resin is an organic fossil, not a stone


    Disclaimer: Please read & follow instructions & warnings

    Amber Therapy assumes no responsibility if harm to any person or animal should occur due to product misuse. The use of our products is at your own risk. Amber Therapy & associated producing, manufacturing ordistributing parties shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, consequential, incidental, special. punitive or otherwise damages arising out of product use.

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