Relieve Itching Pets in 24 Hours

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Apply to affected areas and see the difference.
The intense moisturisation relieves the itch, while the unique blend of Australian Natives assists in healing the area.

Hi Fiona & April,

I have not used the cream since Photo 2. He stopped itching and Has healed beautifully, photo still looks a little red but his skin is nice and pink and his fur is growing back. Keep up the good work, very grateful for this cream.

Wendy (Bundaberg)

Tail Before.jpg
Tail Healing 2 days later.jpg

Day 2

Tail Healed.jpg

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with your Native Magic. My poor dog was suffering from Qld Itch. I started applying the cream morning & night and within 2 days it was almost gone. Now when she starts to itch I use it straight away. Thank you so much for the great product.

Vicki (Rosedale) 

The only thing that has solved the problem of hotspots for my golden retriever. Love the stuff, even if he hates the smell. Spots gone in 3 days.


My Staffie had red rash on belly & ears, this Qld itch & hotspot cream helped soothe her itch she stopped scratching.. now able to heal - amazing cream.. I would like another tub for her.


Bought some ‘Qld itch & hot spots’ balm last week and it stopped a new hot spot from getting nasty! It was an instant response- going from increasingly red, weepy and very itchy to soothed and fading. Absolutely wonderful stuff and much better than going to the vet and getting meds that just mask the symptoms or don’t work at all. Very happy dog and owners. 


I cant believe how good this stuff is!!!
I have used so many creams/ lotions/ shampoos for our 2 dogs for their hotspots and nothing worked, that us until I used native magic🙌❤️
It smells great, the dogs don’t get bothered by it or try to lick it off. And by the next day their spots are much better and not itchy.
Thank you for this magical cream!
I have recommended it to so many of my friends and family.
Oh and the price is amazing!!! 


I’m in love. I’ve used this for many many many things. Horses with float rubbing, (raw and blisters) small bites, itch, my mini had bad skin in his mane, I’ve used it on my own self for skin irritations, and my dog for bad itching. I know nurses who use it for their feet being in shoes all day. Anyone who knows me knows the magic black hat with gold inside lol


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