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Lemon Myrtle & Hemp Balm.jpg
Apply to affected areas and see the difference.
The intense moisturisation relieves the itch, while the unique blend of Australian Natives assists in healing the area.

Sadly, we have had to remove all of the wonderful testimonials in relation to our former QLD Itch and Hotspot Cream. This cream has now been renamed Hemp & Lemon Myrtle Balm, containing the same ingredients as you have been used to :)

Our long-term aim is to register the product as its former name, then we can have your written testimonials published again. Thanks for your patients. What I can say is all of the below dogs personally recommend this cream.


Tail Before.jpg
Tail Healing 2 days later.jpg

Day 2

Tail Healed.jpg
Brusier fixed.JPG
Hot Spot.JPG
SE 1.jpg
SE 2.jpg
SE 3.jpg
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