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our innovative solution for fishy smelling hands, Fish Fingers! Say goodbye to the lingering smell on your hands with this natural soap, designed for fishes and seafood enthusiasts. 


Key Features:


exfolation power: inside each bar of soap, you will find real Lemon Myrtle leaves that provide gentle exfoliation. bye bye stubborn fishy order!


Natural Ingredients: we've harned the power of Lemon Myrtle, a natural deoderiser known for its refreshing citrus scent and its anti-fungal and anti- bactierial properties. additionally, organic coconut oil is teh main ingredient in this soap bar


Skin Friendly - our soap is gentle on your skin, ensuring you can wash away orders without drying or irritating your hands 


Easy to Use: Simply lather up with this soap after fishing or enjoying a seafood feast. The exfoliating aspect of this soap will help you thoroughly cleanse your skin, leaving it oder-free.


Eco-Conscious: We're committed to sustainability. This soap is free from harsh chemicals and comes in eco-friendly packaging, aligning with our dedication to the environment. 



Make fishy oders a thing of the past with out Exfoliating Fish Fingers. Whether you're a passionate angler or sinply enjoy seafood, this soap is your ultimate companion for oder free, fresh hands. enjoy the refreshing scent of lemon myrtle in every wash!

Fish Fingers Deodorising Soap Bar

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