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Be Relieved Natural Essential Oil Roller Bottle, your go to compainion for on-the-go relaxation and focus. Housed in a slim bamboo tube, this roller bottle is the perfect travel-sized solution to help you clear your head and sharpen your focus. 


Key Features: 


1. Mind-Clarifying Blend: Be relieved features a carefully crafted blend of natural essential oils designed to alleviate stress, clear mental fog, and enhance concerntration. Get ready to have 'Focused and Refreshed' at your finger tips. 


2. Travel Friendly: The slim and lightweight bamboo tube is designed for convinience. Slip it into your pocket, purse, or travel bag, and take the soothing benefits of essentail oils wherever you go. 


3. Easy Application: The roller ball makes applying the oil effortless. Simply roll it onto your pulse points or temples for a quick and mess-free aromatherapy experience. 


4. Natural Ingredients: We use only high-quality pure essential oils in our 'be relieved' blend, aswell as a coconut oil base as a carrier oil. It's free from synthetic fragrances or additives, ensuring a truly natural experience 


It's time to experience the power of essentail oils on the go. wether you're in need of a mid-day focus boost or seeking relief from a hectic schedule, this roller bottle will be your reliable ally. Embrace clarity and relaxation wherever you are. Let the journey to a clearer mind begin!



Personal Roller Essentials "Be Relieved"

  • Coconut Oil, Lavendar, Peppermint, Melissa, Chamomile & Marjoram Essential Oils 

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