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Hi! My name's April and I am the owner of Native Magic! 

My Mission is to create affordable, natural alternatives to everyday, chemical filled products for you and your fur babies!

For You



“Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with your Native Magic. My poor dog was suffering from Qld Itch. I started applying the cream morning & night and within 2 days it was almost gone. Now when she starts to itch I use it straight away. Thank you so much for the great product."


“I’m in love. I’ve used this for many many many things. Horses with float rubbing, (raw and blisters) small bites, itch, my mini had bad skin in his mane, I’ve used it on my own self for skin irritations, and my dog for bad itching. I know nurses who use it for their feet being in shoes all day. Anyone who knows me knows the magic black hat with gold inside lol"

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